Salyens' professional services provide tailored, turnkey solutions facilitating our partners to deliver innovative multimedia communication products to the market on time. Using our expertise, leading media products and technologies, we customize to customer requirements and participate through the entire project, from development to deployment and support.

As our services are based on our leading media products and years of voice and video over IP expertise, we enable our partners to deliver better media communication products and services to the market in less time. Delivery time is shorter because your R&D learning curve is shorter. You can focus on product development while we provide the technology expertise. Our reusable component save development and testing resources. Our experience helps to minimize the complexity of integrating technologies.

We contributed our expertise in video conferencing and provided a standard based solution fully interoperable with NetMeeting. Additional video features included:

  • controllable video packet size
  • bounded bit rate
  • several speed improvements

    Our timely delivery enabled our customer to speed to market their video conferencing product.

    In another project, we also developed video conferencing components for the Java Media Framework (JMF):

  • integration of a native, fast H.263 codec
  • controls (keyframe rate, packet size, frame processing, etc)
  • CPU load manager
  • compatibility with JMF's non-compliant H.263 decoders

    As a result, our customer's products offer an even better user experience:

    "I think everyone appreciates the changes that were done, particularly one of our prospective customers."

    This lead us to new video conferencing components for C/C++ applications, and complete turn-key solutions.

    Never too late!
    At times, a customer would call on our help at the 11th hour, and we step in much to their satisfaction:

    "I am pleased with your recent saving of the day."

    Even our competitors praise Salyens' professional services:

    "The fix for the video encoding and decoding is Brilliant. He also went through and tidy'd up some of the code which makes things run a little smoother."